Here are some answers to questions we are frequently asked.  If you cannot find the answers you need here, feel free to contact us at our head office.

1. How can I see your paintings?

     Only RMFA customers with an assigned USERID/PASSWORD may login and view our inventory of paintings. To request new login information or to be reminded of your assigned login information, please contact our head office at (905) 274-6458.

2. I need an Artist's Biography.

     Go to our Services page and click on "Biographies" and then select the artist you need. You then may print the biography page for your reference.

3. What do your Categories mean?

     Platino - "Platinum" - Our most exquisite artists
Oro - "Gold" - Our finer group of artists
Plata - "Silver" - Our trendy artists

4. Who is my salesman representative for my area?

     Go to our Services page and click on "Sales Representatives" to view our assigned Territory Representative chart.



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