At Raul Mercier Fine Arts we strive to provide you with the right services to make you succeed.  After all, your success makes ours.  

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On Approvals:
     Go ahead, give us a call!  Let us know what your needs are and we will send you paintings for free.  All we require is the proper handling of the paintings, to assume the cost of the return of the paintings, and to return the paintings within a week.

     All shipments are made from our warehouse in Niagara Falls, NY, so there will be no customs hassle.

Web Orders:
     This is a term created specifically for online ordering.  As a customer of Raul Mercier Fine Arts you will be able to view original paintings and make a proper selection for your needs.

     As soon as we receive your order we will ship you the selected paintings in less than 7 days from our warehouse in Niagara Falls.  Again, all we require from you is to handle the paintings properly and assume the cost of returning the ones you decide not to keep.


Painting Commissions and Orders:
     We understand that we may not have the painting you are looking for.  Give us a call, and maybe we will be able to help you with your specific need.  Who knows, you may want a larger or a smaller piece; perhaps a special size.

     Once we have discussed your special need, we then place an order on commission.  Sometimes, given the nature of the request, we may have to ask you for a deposit, however most of the time we do not.  If, for whatever reason,  the painting does not meet your expectations, we will take it back, guaranteeing your total satisfaction.


Portrait Service:
     Let us introduce you to our new Portrait Service!  We maintain a group of professional oil portrait artists who are eager to capture your memories and images of your loved ones from beautiful portraits, into oil paintings.

     Please view the 2 pictures below as an example of previous works.  For further clarification and to discuss prices and your particular requirements, we invite you to e-mail us at with the basic details of your request and a picture to be reproduced.

Portrait1 Portrait2


Upcoming Shows:
     Come and visit us at the different trade shows.  Let us know, and we will send you free invitations to the various events.  Additionally, we believe in personal relationships, and we will be more than glad to spend the time with you.


     We have a limited supply of frames, however they are all exquisite.  We have a unique line of leather frames, a combination of wood and leather and hand carved frames, which make your original art piece present itself appropriately.  Give us a call or visit our supplier of frames.


Biographies & Videos:
     You are invited to view and print biographical information of all our Artists.

     Select an Artist from the list below. Then, click "View Artist's Biography".


     Your customers are more discerning everyday and we want to provide you the tools that will make your customers feel more comfortable with their acquisition.


Sales Representatives:
     We arepresently looking for sales representatives. Send your resume for consideration to us.



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